Remixing & Being Remixed

Hinterlandt: Other StuffOver the last 12 months, Hinterlandt engaged in a number of remixing activities and other stuff. The latest piece was done for Sydney math-rock kingsĀ Serious Beak. You can download the whole album for free. Hinterlandt also recently reconstructed a Goethe poem recorded by Emil Klotzsch, turned one of Telafonica‘s songs into a lullaby, injected additional noise into one of Simo Soo‘s electro-rap tracks, and treated underwater field recordings by US sound artist John Kannenberg.

Furthermore, the Hinterlandt track “Motion” from the 2011 album Migration Motion Movement was re-interpreted by Australian producers Seaworthy, Lawrence English, Telafonica, Broken Chip, Puzahki, AFXJIM, Godswounds, and Simo Soo. The results were released as a full album called Through the Motions on Feral Media. Godswounds even made a fancy video clip for their track.

While all of this was good fun, Hinterlandt is now back into writing, recording and producing new original material.