New Album: “Migration Motion Movement”

Hinterlandt "Migration Motion Movement"Hinterlandt is excited to announce the release of the full-length album “Migration Motion Movement” in September 2011.

These brand new studio recordings mirror the current live set, with compositions inviting the listener to take a ride through an instrumental landscape, travelling past organic and electronic sounds, rhythmic complexity, beautiful harmonies, chunks of noise, fragile ambiences, and patches of silence.

The album will is out on Tenzenmen and Bird’s Robe Records. It’s available as a CD (A$9.00) and/or download (A$5.00) via Bandcamp. If you write reviews, have a radio show, book gigs, etc. we’d love to hear from you.


Thu 01/09/2011 (LIVE) Lansdowne w/ Grün, Trappist Afterland, Hawkmoth
Sat 03/09/2011 (RADIO) 2RRR Thematics interview and live set PODCAST NOW ONLINE
Sun 04/09/2011 (RADIO) FBI Utility Fog interview and live set PODCAST NOW ONLINE
Fri 09/09/2011 (LIVE) Midian w/ A Lonely Crowd, Scul Hazzards, Nobody Knew They Were Robots, UngusUngusUngus