Other Stuff

Radio Works and Performances:
“Nachmittag”: 15 minute collaboration with Jochen Arbeit for FBI Radio program “Ears Have Ears” (Sydney)
“The Whistler And The Traffic Lights”: 18 minute Hörspiel for ABC Classic FM program “The Listening Room” (Sydney)
“Solo For Voice And Processing”: 21 minute live-to-air solo vocal performance for 2MBS program “Furthermore” (Sydney)
“Soundtrack For An Imaginary Movie”: 20 minute soundtrack for FBI Radio program “Sunday Night At The Movies” (Sydney)
Hinterlandt also played live-to-air sets at FBI (Sydney), 2SER (Sydney), 2RRR (Sydney), Köln Campus (Cologne), etc.

Franz Kafka’s “Amerika” novel was staged by Johann Kresnik at Bremer Theater. The play’s setting included an installation based on Hinterlandt sounds and Julia Baier photography.

The track “Motion” off 2011 Hinterlandt album Migration Motion Movement was re-interpreted by Australian producers Lawrence English, Seaworthy, Telafonica, Broken Chip, Puzahki, AFXJIM, Godswounds, and Simo Soo. Results were released as a full album called “Through the Motions” on Feral Media. Godswounds made a video clip for their track.

2015 Facemeat: Hinterlandt messed around with a track by this prog rock band.
2012 Serious Beak: Hinterlandt added more noise to this amazing math-rock band.
2011 Emil Klotzsch: Hinterlandt reconstructed a poem recording for Goethe-Institut.
2011 Telafonica: Hinterlandt turned one of their songs into a lullaby.
2011 Simo Soo: Hinterlandt pumped up one of the electro-noise rapper’s tracks.
2011 John Kannenberg: Hinterlandt treated underwater field recordings by this US sound artist.
2004 Deep Turtle: Hinterlandt made three new versions of a song by the Finnish jazzcore legends.

Jochen as a Guest Musician:
2019 SEIMS (studio / trumpet)
2012 Agnes Kain (live, studio / trumpet, guitar, effects)
2011 Mark Moldre (live, studio / trumpet, effects, backing vocals)
2010 Sophie Hutchings (live / guitar, trumpet)
2010 Violence in Action (live / guitar, trumpet)
2010 Panda Diplomacy (studio / trumpet)
2010 Godswounds (studio / trumpet)
2009 Splinter Orchestra (live / guitar, sounds)
2007 Home Of The Lame (live / trumpet, effects)
1999 Party Diktator (live / guitar)
1999 Czech (live, studio / guitar)
1994 Numbfire (live, studio / guitar, backing vocals)
1993 Start-Stop (studio / guitar, vocals)
1993 Geteilte Köpfe (studio / trumpet)
1992 Fear Of God (live / guitar)

Cover Songs:
Hinterlandt played XTC, Charles Trenet, Moving Targets, Trio, Bertolt Brecht, Victims Family, Hüsker Dü, Townes Van Zandt, Melvins, Tom Waits, Alice Donut, Lucinda Williams, Dinosaur Jr, David Bowie, Bruce Springsteen and Wolfgang Richter cover songs. Home Of The Lame played tribute to J Masics and David Bowie gigs. Professor played a tribute to Gang Green gig. Buckethead played Minutemen, Wire, Bronski Beat and Fugazi cover songs. Feedback Recycling played a tribute to Minor Threat gig. Suckspeed played a Deep Purple song, Numbfire played a song by The Jam.

Hinterlandt Arkestra:
The Hinterlandt Arkestra performed only once, in 2003. The ensemble featured more than 20 musicians including Clayton Thomas, Adam Sussman, Matt Earle, Shannon O’Neill, Tim Fagan, Peter Hollo, Adrian Bertram, Shaun Hemsley, Carl Greenham, Josh Shipton, Andrew Hilton, Yew-Sun, Troy BB, Chris Nylstock, Dave Bullock, Ryan Kalinko, James Heiwai, Wart, Rod Cooper, Dave Smith and more.

Some of Jochen’s Former Bands:
Buckethead_350Buckethead (1993-2000, with Hilmar Voigt, Patrick Kempf, Birger Löhl) This was the German band, not the US guitarist of the same name. Buckethead started as a jazzcore band under the influence of Victims Family, Minutemen, etc., but soon also wrote indie-pop songs and ended up in post-rock territory. Buckethead shared the stage with Melt-Banana!, All, Ninewood, Saccharine Trust, Rhythm Pigs, Helios Creed, Janitor Joe, The Notwist, Hammerhead, Big Chief, But Alive, and others. The band released a CD EP, two full-length CDs, and a vinyl 7″EP on Epistrophy, plus some compilation tracks. Hilmar later joined Hinterlandt in its trio incarnation.

Feedback Recycling (1988-1992, with Henning Bosse, Martin Ulrich) started as a grindcore band under the influence of Carcass, Heresy, Lärm, etc. Soon developed into a more complex noise metal rock thing. Toured with Californian noise punks Flipper, and Boston-based grindcore freaks A.C. Feedback Recycling also shared the stage with bands such as Godflesh, Kong, and others. The band released a vinyl 7″EP and a vinyl 7″Split EP with Mutant Gods on Ecocentric, plus some compilation tracks.

Professor (1992-1993, with Tim Ilsemann, Martin Ulrich) started as a deathmetal grindcore band and never developed into anything else. The short-lived band still has some devoted fans due to the uncompromising approach of putting speed before musicality. Professor shared the stage with Pitch Shifter, Mutant Gods, and others. The band released a vinyl 7″ EP on Epistrophy which was later released as a 3″ CD by Tumult in the US.

SnobClub_350Snob Club (1998-never, with Gregor Hennig, Matthias Weishoff) started as a noise rock band and that’s exactly what it is. Thanks to the incredible drumming of Gregor and the violent bass by Matthias, this band is well and truly brutal. The music is so intense it is ridiculous. The band is still together, but only plays live every 11 years, so two shows have already been played.

Home Of The Lame (1995-1996, with Felix Gebhard) started as a lo-fi home recording songwriter thing. Jochen soon left, having the insight that Felix is doing a much better job at this. Felix has since then developed Home Of The Lame into a great band playing melancholy indie pop songs. They have toured extensively and released several albums. The original duo line-up released three cassette tapes on N.Ur-Kult. Felix later joined Hinterlandt as bass player in its trio incarnation.

Suckspeed-with-JochenSuckspeed (1992-1994, with Michael Bothe, Oliver Betram) was a successful metalcore band unfluenced by bands like Motörhead and Slayer. For a while Jochen was the Suckspeed live guitarist.

There were some more bands, but they were mostly short-lived projects so there’s not much point in listing them all.