Hinterlandt is a Sydney-based ensemble playing original material composed by German-born Jochen Gutsch. Stylistically, the music of Hinterlandt is diverse and progressive, with a narrative and engaging quality. On stage and in recordings, Hinterlandt has taken on a variety of formats including many multi-instrumentalist solo sets, a phase as a psychedelic rock band, and the current acoustic chamber ensemble. Hinterlandt has performed internationally, including shows in London, Berlin, Bangkok, Melbourne, Hamburg, Jakarta, Helsinki, Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, Rome, Amsterdam, Brisbane, Lisbon, and of course Sydney. In addition, twelve studio albums were released on DIY underground labels.


Jochen Gutsch is a German-born musician, composer and producer who lives in Sydney, Australia. He mainly performs under the name Hinterlandt.

Jochen grew up in Germany, surrounded by classical music. As a child he enjoyed a formal trumpet education, which enabled him to play in symphony orchestras, chamber ensembles and solo concerts. He won several titles at the prestigious German Jugend Musiziert competitions. As a teenager, Jochen turned away from classical music, taught himself how to play guitar and turned to hardcore and noise music.

The first show with his band Feedback Recycling took place in 1988 at legendary punk venue UJZ Kornstrasse in Hannover, Germany. In the following years, Jochen was involved in the thriving DIY hardcore scene in Germany. His bands released albums and toured, often sharing bills with international acts such as Flipper, Melt-Banana!, Saccharine Trust, All, Helios Creed, The Notwist, Godflesh and many others.

In the 1990s Jochen started to develop an interest in more experimental and electronic music. Around 2002, he started writing, performing and producing under the name Hinterlandt. The material contained electronic beats, digital glitches, field recordings, ambient soundscapes, guitar feedbacks, math-rock riffs, looped voice harmonies, heavy bass lines, quiet ambiences, and trumpet melodies.

In the mid-2010s Jochen abandoned this tech-heavy approach in favour of a new focus on composing purely acoustic music. This new work comes in the form of written sheet music, played by an ensemble of classically trained musicians such as cellists and violinists. The music is based around intricate string arrangements with percussion, trumpet and acoustic guitar. Jochen is constantly writing new material for this ensemble.

||| VISION |||

Jochen sees beauty in diversity. His work is about the creation of organic and coherent arrangements based on a great variety of methods, instruments, and compositional elements. Combining, merging and blending seemingly contrasting movements and sections, he applies a democratic and respectful approach towards the material.

Apart from musical influences, his work is informed by landscapes, novels, conversations, travels, stories, and other aspects of life that are not generally considered “art”. Audience members often compare live performances to a soundtrack without a film, and reviewers frequently refer to the narrative aspect of his music.

Hinterlandt concerts are focused and intense ‘listening’ events, yet they have an entertaining and exhilarating quality. While his music is uncompromising and non-commercial, Jochen is approachable and down-to-earth as an artist.