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New Album: “Migration Motion Movement”

Hinterlandt "Migration Motion Movement"Hinterlandt is excited to announce the release of the full-length album “Migration Motion Movement” in September 2011.

These brand new studio recordings mirror the current live set, with compositions inviting the listener to take a ride through an instrumental landscape, travelling past organic and electronic sounds, rhythmic complexity, beautiful harmonies, chunks of noise, fragile ambiences, and patches of silence.

The album will is out on Tenzenmen and Bird’s Robe Records. It’s available as a CD (A$9.00) and/or download (A$5.00) via Bandcamp. If you write reviews, have a radio show, book gigs, etc. we’d love to hear from you.


Thu 01/09/2011 (LIVE) Lansdowne w/ Grün, Trappist Afterland, Hawkmoth
Sat 03/09/2011 (RADIO) 2RRR Thematics interview and live set PODCAST NOW ONLINE
Sun 04/09/2011 (RADIO) FBI Utility Fog interview and live set PODCAST NOW ONLINE
Fri 09/09/2011 (LIVE) Midian w/ A Lonely Crowd, Scul Hazzards, Nobody Knew They Were Robots, UngusUngusUngus

Old News, No Links

Mar2011 Playing some shows around Sydney. Enjoying the combination of a fairly rigid musical architecture with improvised, sound-oriented sections.

Feb2011 Working on a new album that is to mirror the new live set. Long tracks, lots of sounds, rhythmic complexity, harmonies and melodies, etc. No vocals, no songs, just music.

Jan2011 Going to Europe for a short but intense tour, with gigs in Berlin, Frankfurt, Munich, London, and Lisbon. Looking forward to playing music and meeting people.

Dec2010 Here’s a short online interview for FBI Radio, which will present a “soundtrack to an unmade movie”. Furthermore, a new Hinterlandt album is in the works, with the music more or less resembling the current live set. Expect long instrumental compositions spanning electronics, ambient, dub, and occasional excursions into math rock territory.

Nov2010 Hinterlandt will end the year with two very special performances, appearing at Tenzenmen’s Celebrated Summer movie project and at a free outdoor sunset concert on Cockatoo Island in Sydney’s beautiful harbour. Both of these events are quite unique there hopefully there will be some video footage.

Oct2010 Hinterlandt will be part of the Menagerie festival, which is a multi-event marathon with a focus on progressive and somewhat unusual music. Also, new Lesstalk Records compilation with covers of kids’ TV series features a Hinterlandt version of Sandmann Lieber Sandmann.

Aug2010 There’s a whole bunch of gigs coming up in Sydney, with Hinterlandt being part of event series such as Refraction, High Reflections, Sound Series, and Deja.

Aug2010 After a handful of shows in Australia, Hinterlandt is playing with Pimmon and Raven at Jura Books in Syndey. This will be a nice and comfortable evening of experimental music, so do come and check it out.

May2010 The first Hinterlandt gig of the year will happen in Wollongong. Playing with Julian Knowles and Fukno at the Digital Media Centre, which is part of the Innovation Campus. Hinterlandt will try to sound innovative.

Apr2010 Following the kind of folksy In My Hemisphere track, Hinterlandt is busy re-focussing on long compositions spanning electronics and maths, sounds and ambiences, beauty and noise. Nah, no pop songs at this point.

Jan2010 Hinterlandt is kicking off the decade with a new little pop song. It’s called “in My Hemisphere” and it can be seen on Youtube, performed by J with P Hollo of Fourplay, Raven, and FBI’s Utility Fog.

Dec2009 Nice! F’s baby was born in Berlin. J has made a little song for the occasion in Sydney, while H is jamming with P in Hannover. J joins the Splinter Orchestra for an improvised music performance at Serial Space in Chippendale.

Nov2009 NET NOT COM. The Hinterlandt website has moved from to If you are here, you probably know this already.

Oct2009 After five years in Germany, Hinterlandt is moving back to Australia. Sadly, bass player F and drummer H are not coming along, so the live format will probably change again. See what happens.

Jul2009 To celebrate the things to come, the things that were and the things that are, friends of J organised the so-called J-DAY to happen in August in Hannover. There will be four bands, all of which J will play in. We believe it’s safe to say this will be a bit of a blast. Hope to see you there.

Jun2009 So here it is… our new album All Things Considered. Looks somewhat funny? Not round? True, it’s a USB stick and why not. The stick contains the full album (original WAV files plus high quality MP3s). Musically, these recordings show the trio line-up in full swing for the first time.

Mar2009 We’re touring for a week, getting the wind in our hair, carrying the rock and the dub and the ambient and the noise with us, all wrapped up in a well-crafted, possibly somewhat psychedelic-sounding set (we’re putting our trust in effect pedals). For dates, check the live page. What’s more, we’re also bringing along the new recordings. Yes it’s true, our man Gregor did the job and mixed the whole thing down. The outcome will be available at the shows in a format specifically designed to meet any modern indie yuppie’s everyday needs. Don’t miss out on this extravagant, limited edition, uber-hip product.

Jan2009 It’s very cold in Germany, so J is playing a Hinterlandt solo show in Portugal in February. The full trio line-up will hit stages in March, which can be considered spring if you think positive.

Dec2008 Sorry, long time no update to this website due to a major data crash. Meantime we played support for Dub Trio in Hamburg, J played some Hinterlandt solo shows in Italy and some Professor shows in Germany, F played Home Of The Lame and Olli Schulz tours, and H did lots of other stuff.

Jun2008 We recorded a whole bunch of new tracks in Hamburg with sound engineer extra-ordinaire Gregor Hennig, using Tobias Levin’s Electric Avenue studio as well as the rehearsal space of German group Die Sterne. These are our first recordings as a full band and they do sound promising.

Mar2008 Anyone remember the hugely influential German band, Trio? Check out Hinterlandt playing a cover of the song Danger Is on our unholy Myspace site.

Feb 2008 There’s a basic video clip for the 2004 track Blue Of The Sky on Vimeo. We also posted an excerpt from a recent solo gig in Sydney up on unholy Youtube. Check our video page for more motion pictures in the future.

Jan 2008 So 2008 is here and everything will be just terriffic. New website, new album, new tour, new everything. Hinterlandt is ready for the next step.

Oct2007 There will be a free 5pm afternoon performance at Mint Music record store in Hannover on Saturday 03/11/07, before hitting the Indiego Glocksee stage to support The Ex. The instore gig is a pocket-size solo thing, but at night we’ll be a powertrio again.

Aug2007 Hey did you know you can digitally purchase the latest Hinterlandt album Automatic Teller Machine from Itunes and Musicload? See, now you do know. However of course you can still get the nice and shiny CD directly from the label Sopot Records itself. Like, you know, for the haptic experience.

May2007 We just played the first bunch of gigs in the new band format and it feels great. Much more powerful than playing solo. Next show is on May 27 at the Swamp Room Happening festival in Hannover. After this, we’ll focus on writing new material for the summer.

Apr2007 Hinterlandt features on the Dhyana Records sampler Alpengluehen. Other folks to be found on the comp are Ilse Lau, Pit Przygodda, Reebosound, and many others. The Hinterlandt track is a synth-heavy, guitar-free cover version of an old Victims Family tune. Curious? Check it out.

Mar2007 Franz Kafka’s Amerika novel is being staged by highly prolific Johann Kresnik at Bremer Theater. Thanks to Sopot Records, the play’s setting includes an installation based on Hinterlandt sounds and Julia Baier photography.

Feb2007 Hinterlandt is very happy to announce the first bunch of shows that will be played in full band format, featuring F Gebhard (Home Of The Lame) on bass/effetcs and H Voigt (J’s old Buckethead bandmate) on drums/samples. Expect a completely new set: Big fat rock riffs, heavy dub rhythms and of course lots of sounds and effects stuff.

Jan2007 A new Hinterlandt track apears on the Parapop sampler Raketetapete, alongside Wechsel Garland, Japanther, Harald Sack Ziegler, Minor Mountaineer, Clayton Farlow, etc. Release party on 2nd of Feb at Parallel in Cologne.

Nov2006 Okay so the fall 2006 tour has come to an end. Playing live is fun. Meeting people is fun. Going places like Rome, Lisbon, Rotterdam is fun. However, the winter will be spent working on new material. There’s a lot of ideas that are supposed to emerge on new releases next year so let’s get the tea pot boiling and the headphones on.

Oct2006 You may or may not have realised that the new Home Of The Lame CD Habitat is sporting a cover song that was written by J Gutsch from Hinterlandt, originally performed by Hannover progpunk outfit Buckethead (RIP). You can listen to the original version here.

Sep2006 Back from playing in Finland with Mother Goose and Short Cuts. Also checked out this ancient sauna in Tampere. Meantime, the new album is getting a fair bit of radio airplay and really good reviews. Looking forward to playing more shows this fall.

Aug2006 Brand spankin new album Automatic Teller Machine is out now on German label Sopot Records. This is the first Hinterlandt album that is easily available thanks to a proper distribution deal. Download the opening track Friends now.

Jul2006 Popular US internet artist/writer Professor VJ quotes the words of the song New Belief System in a brief political essay type blog about the US American moral infrastructure.

May2006 The song Head Around You from No Fixed Address features as the first track on the current Vital Weekly podcast following a fun-to-read review in the same issue.

Apr2006 New Hinterlandt album No Fixed Address is out now on Neus318 in Japan. Being the generous people we are, we put two songs up for free download. The album is availabe outside Japan from A-Musik in Cologne.

Mar2006 It’s March and still there’s snow, like what do you know. Playing live might keep you warm so Hinterlandt is off to Oldenburg and Hamburg for some semi-rock action. Recent gigs include playing at the Gertrude record release party in London and an impromptu gig in Cologne with US singer/songwriter Lauren Hoffman.

Jan2006 Okay it’s 2006 and Hinterlandt has actually decided to join Myspace. Feel free to make friends, get in touch etc… and once you’ve had enough of cyber relationships, why don’t you check out some live music.

Dec2005 Having seen the nice and cosy Hinterlandt gigs with Stuertz, the world is now looking forward to some more shows with Cologne songwriters SlamWeJam in January 2006.

Oct2005 Thanks to idealist Sydney label Alias Frequencies, you can now download the complete 2004 Hinterlandt CD New Belief System from our domestic download page or the label website. That’s right folks, you get the full album for free.

Sep2005 It’s official: legendary death metal group Professor will play a ten minute show after the soothing sounds of Hinterlandt in Hannover. Thou shalt not miss this one.

Aug2005 Nice. Some upcoming gigs in Cologne at c/o pop festival, in Berlin during Popkomm, and in Hannover at an Epistrophy label party. In the meantime, read a cool interview with Shaun from extraordinary Sydney label, Tenzenmen records.

July2005 A brand spankin’ new song has been added to the download page. It goes by the name of Reset to default and shows the most cheerful pop side of Hinterlandt. Shaa-nananana.

June2005 New Belief System has been reviewed in the Sydney Morning Herald no less. Can a simple mention like this make a grown man feel homesick?

June2005 German electronics magazine de:bug finds that New Belief System is a sehr schöne CD while French dark metal (!) webzine Obskure is publishing a looong interview covering a whole lot of ground regarding Hinterlandt. In case your French is as bad as mine, here’s an English version.

May2005 Rocked Leipzig with Dischord kings French Toast. Played a string of shows with Finland’s finest Echo Is Your Love and Fun, having a splendid time especially in the Netherlands.

Mar2005 As proof of existence, some photos were added to the website. Also, there are more reviews coming in so you can brush up on your Italian and French, brothers and sisters.

Feb2005 Working on a bunch of new tracks (or songs, rather?) and booking a short spring tour with some nice folks from Finland. Played with The Heavenly States in London which was cool.

Dec2004 More good reviews coming in for New Belief System, please take two minutes to check them out. Had a great time playing at the Abflug events in Helsinki and looking forward to an exciting year, 2005.

Oct2004 New Belief System, Hinterlandt’s latest full length CD is out now on Alias Frequencies in Sydney. If you’re from Europe, get it from here or from A-Musik (mailorder).It’s a 64 minute journey through popular music landcapes including an XTC cover song.

Aug2004 Distro news for Germany: Sitting, Going Places (on Abflug Records) is now distributed by Nexusound and The Power Of Del te (on Grain Of Sound) is distributed by A-Musik in Cologne where you can also get Eccentrics #1 and Poprekordt (mailorder).

Jul2004 The fourth version of the Hinterlandt website is launched. New design, more downloads, less words. Glove Puppet is a little guitar/lofi/pop song featured on the Drugi Disco compilation out now on Dhyana Records.

Jun2004 Eccentrics #1 is out now on Tenzenmen in Sydney/Australia. This is a three-way-split CD featuring 20-30 minutes each from Hinterlandt, Italy´s freejazzrockwonder ZU, and Finland´s nowavers Can Can Heads. Hinterlandt in this case makes Electro*Pop shake hands with Death*Metal, Glitch*Scapes, Surf*Rock and Field*Recordings.

May2004 The Power Of Del te is out now on Grain Of Sound in Lisbon/Portugal. It consists of a single 42-minute-track which displays the minimalist side of Hinterlandt. Comes with a nice PDF booklet by Nuno Moita.

April2004 Professor was a group consisting of Martin Ulrich, Tim Ilsemann and Jochen Gutsch which played a very extreme type of grinding death metal, operating around 1993. Tumult records in San Francisco now has the insight to re-release the 7″ EP (originally released by Epistrophy) as a nice and handy 3″ CD. All this of course has pretty much nothing to do with Hinterlandt.

Mar2004 Abflug Records in Helsinki are investigating in better distribution methods – you can now purchase Hinterlandt and other MP3s directly from their website.

Feb2004 Hinterlandt hops on a plane in Sydney/Australia, lands safely in Europe and will from now on operate from the new home base in Cologne/Germany.

Dec2003 Poprekordt has just seen additional equilisation and compression by Casey Rice, best known for his work as sound-man for Tortoise and producer of Isotope 217, Via Tania, Liz Phair, etc. Additionally, one of the tracks features Emanuela De Angelis from Mou, Lips! on vocals. Being the first Hinterlandt CD on a German label, Poprekordt is out now on Dhyana Records. It´s fair to say members of the press love it.

Dec2003 Hinterlandt for some reason features in ElectronicScene music awards in the category “Best In Genre: Experimental”. Don´t get confused: it´s actually all pop music.

Nov2003 Bo Cheng Hu has been released on C.U.E records in Osaka/Japan. One monstrous composition that ventures from melancholy piano sounds via cut-up beats and electro-accoustic passages to long sections of pure, serious noise.

Nov2003 Helsydney mp3s at Hinterlandt remixes the Deep Turtle track “Ventila” with three rather diverse results. Free download.

Nov2003 Solo For Voice And Processing Web-release on This is a 21-minute set as it was performed in Sydney in July 03, live to air for the Furthermore radio program.

Oct2003 The Whistler and the Traffic Lights is a 18 minute Hörspiel that was produced for the ABC Classic FM program The Listening Room.

Sep2003 Sitting, Going Glaces Full-length CD has been released on Abflug records in Helsinki/Finland. Split with video artist Kari O appearing on the data part of the CD.

Aug2003 The Office Week Web-release on Earlabs in Holland. Set of five 4-minute mp3s, designed for each afternoon of your office week.

Jul2003 The Hinterlandt Arkestra performs with a total of twenty musicians. Hinterlandt features on the ABC’s Australia AdLib website thanks to the suppport from avant-garde violinist Jon Rose.

Jun2003 Platzhalter Web-release on Stasisfield. Free download for a limited time only. 20 minutes of calming yet challanging acoustic space… (John Kannenberg)

Feb2003 T[Raumdeutung] Debut CDr has been released on C.U.E records in Osaka/Japan. A strange ride in the world of subconciousness… (Vital Weekly)