Hinterlandt Ensemble at Glebe Town Hall

The Hinterlandt Ensemble plays at the wonderful Glebe Town Hall in Sydney on Sunday 22 March 2015, along with acclaimed violinist Daniel Weltlinger and turntablist Morphingaz. Please join us at 5pm for a relaxed Sunday afternoon of left-of-chamber music. Tickets are $16 from Mosthtix or $20 on the door. The Facebook event is here.

Below is a live video from a recent concert at Black Wire Records in Sydney. There are more videos on the video page.

Introducing: the Hinterlandt Ensemble

Hinterlandt Ensemble | Sydney | Green Room Lounge | Dec 2014 | Photo by George Vrionis

Hinterlandt is entering into a new phase: the Hinterlandt Ensemble is dedicated to an acoustic sound aesthetic. The group features Bronwyn Cumbo and Stephanie Zarka on violins, Simeon Johnson on cello, and Jochen Gutsch on acoustic guitar and trumpet. The ensemble is performing original material composed by Jochen, brought to life by the players with their own artistic personalities. Please come to see the new set and let us know what you think of it:

Thu 04 Dec 2014 – Sydney – Green Room Lounge – w/ Fabels + Sails
Thu 18 Dec 2014 – Sydney – 107 Projects – w/ Godswounds + Julian Knowles
Fri 30 Jan 2015 – Sydney – Blackwire Records – w/ Guiguisuisui + Milkk + Blackie (Hard-Ons)

Hinterlandt & Andy Rantzen: Smoke & Mirrors EP

HL_Covers_Rantzenlandt_150Hinterlandt has engaged in a new collaborative project with Australian musician-thinker-poet Andy Rantzen, best known for his work in Itch-E and Scratch-E alongside Paul Mac. In this new duo, Andy is responsible for words and vocals, while Jochen produces sounds and music. The debut EP Smoke & Mirrors was just released on boutique netlabel Wood & Wire. Lyrically and musically it follows a strict “limitations” theme, including strict rules such as the decision to produce all tracks for an exact length of two minutes and the use of a two-string guitar.

For those who like to see things with their own two eyes, the EP is accompanied by two video clips.

Indonesia & Tasmania

Hinterlandt is playing in Jakarta/Indonesia in December and Hobart/Tasmania in January. This is exciting news as both places are “new territory” for Hinterlandt. The Mona Foma festival has an incredibly diverse international line-up, featuring everyone from Matmos via Sun Ra Arkestra and the Australian Chamber Orchestra Quartet to black metal icon Striborg. Hinterlandt is scheduled to play before the HIVE project by Tyondai Braxton (ex Battles).

Tue 17 Dec 2013 – Jakarta – Basement Cafe w/ Evi + Kibo & Fams + Paranoias + Vegas
Wed 18 Dec 2013 – Jakarta – Xabi Music Studio w/ Grasslite + Vanessa TM
Fri 17 Jan 2014 – Hobart – Mona Foma Festival w/ Tyondai Braxton’s HIVE

Sound Summit & More

Hinterlandt is looking forward to playing at Sound Summit as well as a few other shows:

Thu 10 Oct 2013 – Sydney – Free the Beats @ Venue 505 w/ Suede Merit + Jozz Scott + James Nichols + more
Thu 31 Oct 2013 – Sydney – Green Room Lounge w/ Andy Rantzen + Telafonica
Thu 07 Nov 2013 – Sydney – Sound Summit Festival w/ Oval + Heinz Riegler + Sky Needle + more
Sat 09 Nov 2013 – Canberra – National Film and Sound Archive w/ Oval + Spartak
Thu 14 Nov 2013 – Sydney  – Goethe-Institut w/ Oval
Sat 16 Nov 2013 – Sydney  – Alpha Art Gallery w/ Scattered Order + Fabels

Two Compilations

New Weird Australia compilation: Sixes and TwelvesThe year 2013 sees two new compilations featuring Hinterlandt contributions. Both tracks are very unusual by Hinterlandt standards, for example they feature some vocals. Rest assured, it’s only a phase.

One is on eclectic label New Weird Australia. It’s called Sixes and Twelves and focuses on experimental guitar music, featuring, among others, Mumble(Speak), Kris Keogh, St. Jambience, Afxjim, Pale Earth, and Julian Day. The other compilation is called I Hear You’re From Australia – My Name’s Bruce Too on Laughing Outlaw Records. As the title suggests it’s a Bruce Springsteen tribute album (yes it is) featuring label mates Mark Moldre, Piers Twomey, Jamie Hutchings, Bambino Koresh, Sam Shinazzi, Bryan Estepa and many others.

New Album: Cartography

Hinterlandt: CartographyBrand new Hinterlandt album “Cartography” is out now on Laughing Outlaw Records with distribution through Inertia. You may purchase the album directly from the label if you feel like it. Here’s some snippets of what the media had to say about it:

The Sydney Morning Herald says the album is “singular” and “without antecedents”.
Cyclic Defrost speaks of “an extremely inventive, intricate and restless release high on originality that sounds like little else at the moment”.
AU Review sees an “uncanny originality and a demonstration of multi-instrumental proficiency”.
Vital Weekly suggests that King Crimson’s “Robert Fripp would be jealous of some of the guitars”.
Drum Media hears “music born of an imaginative mind”.
2SER describe it as “a wildly curated expanse of sound”.
Echoes and Dust say this is “a record stripped of excess, that embraces variety, displays impeccable timing and great self-awareness”.
Tone Deaf compare it to “wandering through imagined cities complete with bustling plazas, epic skylines, meditative gardens, and dark and ominous alleyways”.
Mathrock.net hear “intricate rhythms leading into dramatic post-rock anthems that resonate to the heavens”.

Recent Hinterlandt interview in Echoes and Dust.
Recent Hinterlandt interview in Canberra Times.

Listen online:

02 Trick or Treat by Hinterlandt

03 Stadt Land Fluss by Hinterlandt

Cartography Tour

Hear the new album live on stage:

Thu 18 Oct 12 – Melbourne – The Gasometer w/ Glasfrosch + Roussemoff + Lunaire
Sun 21 Oct 12 – Sydney – The Vanguard w/ Jamie Hutchings
Wed 14 Nov 12 – Wollongong – Yours and Owls w/ Piers Twomey + The Mad Pride
Thu 15 Nov 12 – Sydney – Proper Music Social w/ Jamie Hutchings + Piers Twomey
Sat 17 Nov 12 – Canberra – The Phoenix w/ Cracked Actor + Reuben Ingall
Thu 22 Nov 12 – Brisbane – The Waiting Room w/ Anonymeye + Julian Knowles + Puzahki
Thu 29 Nov 12 – Sydney – Notes w/ Agnes Kain + Emma Davis
Sat 01 Dec 12 – Sydney – Laughing Outlaw Label Party